Our Priority Areas

Advocating for business reform

Policy and Regulatory Reform

Building favorable business policies and regulations that promote economic growth, entrepreneurship, and business sustainability in Nigeria is imperative.

Significant to this is engaging with government agencies, policymakers and other stakeholders to advocate for reforms in areas such as

Trade regulations
Business registration processes

Legal and Regulatory Reforms

We will call for legal and regulatory reforms that promote transparency, accountability and good governance in the business such as anti-corruption measures, improved contract enforcement, and legal reforms that protect the rights of businesses and investors.

Access to Finance

Improved access to affordable financing options for Nigerian businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often face challenges in accessing capital is a front burner issue for us.

 We will consider measures such as engaging with financial institutions, government agencies, and other stakeholders to promote policies and initiatives that facilitate access to financing, such as credit guarantee schemes, venture capital programs, and sustainable microfinance initiatives.

Business Environment and Infrastructure

Working with relevant stakeholders towards improvements in the business environment and infrastructure in Nigeria, such as reliable power generation, transportation, and telecommunications systems, which are essential for business operations like engaging with relevant government agencies, utilities, and other stakeholders to advocate for policy reforms, investment in critical infrastructure, and service improvements that enable businesses to operate efficiently and competitively.

Inclusive Business Practices

We will advocate for inclusive business practices that promote diversity, equity, and social responsibility among Nigerian businesses for instance corporate social responsibility (CSR), gender equality, environmental sustainability, and ethical business practices.

This will include advocating for policies that promote fair labor practices, equal opportunities, and social inclusion, and engaging with businesses to adopt responsible business practices.

Business Advocacy and Networking

We will work with existing platforms that represent the collective interests of Nigerian businesses by projecting their concerns and needs to relevant stakeholders, such as government agencies, industry associations, and international organizations such as advocacy campaigns, participating in policy dialogues, and building strategic partnerships with likeminded organizations to amplify the voice of businesses and influence policy decisions.

Trade and Investment

We will very persistently request for policies and initiatives that promote trade and investment in Nigeria, such as trade liberalization, investment promotion, and export promotion. This could involve engaging with government agencies, international organizations, and other stakeholders to advocate for policies that facilitate trade and attract investment to Nigeria, thereby creating opportunities for businesses to expand and grow.

Research and Policy Analysis

We will conduct research and policy analysis on key issues affecting the business environment in Nigeria and use the findings to inform our advocacy efforts such as surveys, data analysis, and policy research to gather evidence-based insights that can support our campaigns and inform policy recommendations.

Business Support Services

We provide services for the development of business support services to Nigerian businesses including training, advisory services such as business intelligence, business risk management, business strategy design and other services to provide capacity-building programs that equip businesses with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a competitive business environment.