D Foundation has a strategic plan to become the non-profit newsroom that will focus on all issues that impact business, the financial stability of Nigeria, and the economy. The organisation will do this through different journalistic methods to provide situational reports, analyse them, and then make informed predictions and suggest solutions. Other methods will include social listening, investigations, verification, research, analysis, building consensus, building coalitions, and advocacy for regulatory and policy reform in Nigeria. 

What we do

Content Strategy

We will develop a content strategy that encompasses news articles, investigative reports, data-driven stories, opinion pieces, research papers, and in-depth analysis. We will also start verification and fact-checking: We will implement rigorous fact-checking processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all published content.

Audience and Stakeholder Engagement

We aim to identify and segment the audience, including business leaders, policymakers, investors, entrepreneurs, and the general public, and also establish channels for engaging with key stakeholders, including government agencies, regulatory bodies, business associations, and civil society organisations.

Building Consensus and Coalitions

We plan to consistently organise roundtable discussions, forums, and webinars that bring together stakeholders, experts, and the public to discuss pressing financial and business issues. We also seek to find common ground, generate consensus, and build a shared understanding of problems and potential solutions.

Our Organisational Values

Mutual respect

We recognize and acknowledge the intrinsic and innate value each individual brings to enrich our work. 

Equity and justice

We believe each person can realize every vision they hold, irrespective of gender, race, ethnicity, caste, class, age, HIV status, disability, location, and religion.


Requires us to be honest, transparent and accountable at all levels for the effectiveness of our actions and our use of resources and open in our judgements and communications with others

Courage of conviction

Requiring us to be creative and radical, bold and innovative – without fear of failure – in pursuit of making the greatest possible impact on the society with our newsroom, our advocacy work, and impact events. 

Professor Pat Utomi

Visiting Professor, Lagos Business School

“A business newspaper should give the average citizen a sense of his or her centrality in economic progress rather than treat the economic arena as an exclusive preserve for a few extra-ordinary people.

It should make complex economic information easily accessible for every investor, worker and citizen. BusinessDay is working hard to attain this ideal..”

Emilia Asim Ita

Multi-sector Strategist & Business Leader

“Businessday provides me with a balanced perspective of the economic terrain in a style that enables the average reader like me stay on top of economic issues.

I enjoy the high varities of columnists the most because of their different styles, areas of interest and very insightful opinions. Information and insight from the paper has helped me a great deal in preparing me take a few business decisions. Businessday events are also brilliants; they have helped many young people i know to network and discover more about business and management from experts.”